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Professional Tax Return Preparation & Planning

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With LRC & Associates, PLLC working on your side, you can be confident that you are navigating your tax and financial matters accurately and efficiently.


The professionals of LRC & Associates, PLLC have combined decades of experience to assist with your tax planning and preparation needs.


All of our professionals receive up to the minute training & updates regarding latest tax law changes and how they affect our clients.

Professional Tax Return Preparation & Planning

Tax returns are never straightforward. Take the guesswork out, ensure accuracy, and maximize your federal or state tax return – with LRC’s comprehensive preparation services. Our experienced tax professionals have a deep understanding of controllership and financial management and are proficient in dealing with tax issues relating to individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, and international business companies.

CPA Tax Preparation in Houston

As a professional tax preparation & planning firm, LRC & Associates, PLLC provides personalized and in-depth tax services. We combine years of experience with continuing education and application in our clients’ business structures to assist with tax preparation that conforms to the federal standards while also assisting to preserve your accumulated wealth.

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